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   Mary, Did You Know?
   The Lord's Prayer
   Via Dolorosa
   People Need the Lord
   Blessed Assurance (1:06)
   How Great Thou Art
   My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)
   We Shall Behold Him


After quickly recording the first nine songs, this album was not finished until some extraordinary events took place while Bill tried to record the last song, "Mary, Did You Know?":

   ~ 1st try: The Fort Worth tornado chased Bill and his friend, Chip Idley, out of the studio.
   ~ 2nd try: Recorded most of the song.
   ~ Event: Received as a gift a little instrument called a pennywhistle from Ron Crowder, which he bought in Bethlehem.
   ~ Event: Recording was wiped out when the studio's hard drive died.
   ~ 3rd try: Let's just say the saxophonist has had better days!
   ~ 4th try: Completed recording successfully, thanks to some sax advice from Earl Bonie.

Bill recounts: "This recording project was all about God's timing. If not for a little encouragement for 'Mary' from Bethlehem, this project may have been canned out of fear of a third 'act of God'. However, the delays were no problem, because who am I to argue when God wants it done?"

In addition to recording, mixing and co-mastering the album, Phil Taylor played a major role with his production guidance on many of the songs. This led to the addition of a variety of complimentary instruments: The soprano and alto sax parts on "How Great Thou Art;" the recorder duet written by Bill's sister, Joyce Rivette, on "Mary, Did You Know;" the keyboard solo by Phil on "We Shall Behold Him;" playing 'over the top' of the choir (the only vocals on the album) in "Blessed Assurance."

Every song on the album is marvelously fully orchestrated. Bill wrote and played the sax parts for all songs, except "Majesty" and "My Tribute," which were written by Joseph Linn with Lillenas Publishing Company, with some embellishments added by Bill.

"This has been such a team effort," Bill says. "Phil Taylor really helped make a difference with his production and studio engineering talents. I am so grateful for all of the people who chipped in to make this happen."

The CD insert includes some special quotes from people who had "something to say," many of which are from people that have had a special influence on Bill's life. Also included are the credits to each song and some special thank you's for the many people who contributed to this effort.


This CD can also be purchased at upcoming concerts.

Back Cover of CD

Something to Say was:
Produced by Bill Bjorkgren and Phil Taylor
Recorded and mixed by Phil Taylor, Right Road Recording, Weatherford, TX
Mastered by Phil Taylor and Martin Baird @ Verge Music Works, Dallas, TX
Cover photo of Mt. Rainier, Washington, USA ©1996 by William P. Koza
Other photography by GOTCHA PHOTOS
Graphics design by Divine Hook-Up Graphics
Manufactured by Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas, TX

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